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Medfund - Volunteers in Santa Cruz

Medfund - Volunteers in Santa Cruz

Who We Are.

Medfund is a medical aid nonprofit program bringing people together to save lives and provide aid to those living in poverty in Bolivia.  We run several programs, and can find or create a place for you too!  There's a way for you to volunteer no matter your preferences or skills!

Our Mission.

To enable and inspire a community of heroes by connecting them with people who are in need. This is only possible with your help - donate today to the fund of your choice! 

How it Works.

1. Find

Locate individuals in need and with no means or other opportunities


2. Evaluate

Establish a relationship with patients and asses their needs

3. Share                  

Explain patients' personal stories and their needs on social media

4. Connect and Assist

Enable volunteering and allocate donations to meet patients' needs  


5. Report

Inform donors, volunteers, and the Medfund community of patient updates

Reporting a Case?

Know of someone who is in need of immediate medical assistance and has no other means? If so please contact us so we can provide assistance.

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