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Donations Through our Partner CCWM

(Include special instructions designating

the funds to Medfund)


By Mail

Send a personal check, money order or 'bill pay' check made to the order of: 

Cup of Cold Water Ministries P.O. Box 318 Newark, Illinois 60541

Include a note designating the funds to Medfund

In Person

You can directly contact one of our team members to arrange a pick up or drop off in Bolivia.

We also accept direct deposits:

Banco Prodem. Account Number:



If you have medicine, toiletries, books, blankets or any other special item you would like to donate please get in contact with one of our team members.

Support the cause.

100% of your donations go towards the patient, event or campaign you wish to contribute to.

When making a donation please specify where you would like your funds to be used by writing "Medfund" followed by the city, patient, trip or event. Otherwise your donation will go to our general fund where we will allocate donations as needed.

Join us.

Anyone who wants to save

a life can be a hero at Medfund.

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Become a hero.

Everyone can be a hero to someone else... Medfund just makes it easy for you.

International Volunteers.

Want to come to Bolivia to volunteer?

Due to the political situation in Bolivia at the moment we are not hosting volunteers, but we hope to provide opportunities to all in the near future.


In the past we've had international volunteers serve as support staff to our doctors and dentists during our free clinics (cleaning dental instruments, transporting items, playing with kids and delivering health education). We’ve also seen volunteers hold English workshops, play music or apply any skill or talent they can provide.  Please reach out to us if you're interested in serving!


Volunteer at one of our hospitals.

We are always looking for heroes who want to come into the hospitals and assist. Volunteers can help by transporting medicine, providing donations, and just spending time with patients.

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Contact Information.

La Paz, Bolivia


(+591) 717 20276 or 

(+591) 674 08850

Santa Cruz, Bolivia

America Peres, Isabel Quinteros & Fernanda Hevia

(+591) 608 40139

Cochabamba, Bolivia

Fabiola Mendoza Fuentes

(+591) 779 24500

United States.

Patrick Prömmel

(+1) 443 963 7010

Like us on Facebook.

We're always posting about new campaigns, patients and events on our Facebook page as it is our main means of communication.

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