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Medfund is a community
of heroes

Coming from a vast number of countries across the world, each with incredibly diverse backgrounds, yet all passionate about the same cause: helping those who are in desperate need.

Meet the team.


Joey Kittleson

Chief Executive Officer

Born in La Paz, Bolivia to missionary parents, Joey has constantly been on humanitarian trips since he was two years old. He studied Social Communications at Universidad Catolica, and began Medfund in 2014 after being impacted by the suffering of Bolivians who could not afford health care.

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Patrick Prömmel

Internacional Director


Born and raised in La Paz, Bolivia and now based out of Washington, D.C. after graduating from the University of Maryland with a degree in Finance and International Development. Patrick wants to see Medfund fulfill its mission and reach as many lives as possible.


Jose Mario Bertero

Creative Director: 

Service Designer

Jose studied Service Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design with the ultimate goal of returning home to Bolivia and improving the lives of his compatriots. He hopes to see Medfund grow so it can reach and affect more and more people every day.


América Perez Balboa

Regional Director:
Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Born and raised in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, América studied International Relations at the state university. After discovering and working with Medfund she changed her life completely, now her goal is to keep growing alongside Medfund.


 Frank Oblitas Torrez

Regional Director


Born in Tipuani, Bolivia, raised in Caranavi, and moved to La Paz to be an Automotive Engineer, Frank dedicated his life to working with Medfund.  Frank believed he had the most beautiful job in the world, and unfortunately his time was cut short in the recent accident.  The Medfund team hopes to honor his legacy by continuing the programs he started and serving others the way he did.

Our Story.
Executive Summary.

Unfortunately there are thousands of people in South America who experience health issues because they lack the ability to finance their own healthcare, from basic services as purchasing the appropriate medicine to finding an affordable doctor. In many cases, a small amount of money can relieve these patients from their illnesses, but due to extreme poverty levels, many are left to choose between buying food and medicine. Numerous cases go unreported, and many people pass away due to a lack of  financial resources, not from the seriousness of the illness.

Medfund is a nonprofit program who’s objective is to save lives, and to help aliviate and reduce suffering. Medfund's model is simple: find patients, evaluate their needs, share their story, crowd fund donations, and pay for their most pressing needs. Medfund assists patients throughout their hospital experience, visiting them regularly until they are healthy and able. Medfund differentiates itself from other local organizations by actually establishing a relationship with patients and donors, and ensuring that 100% of the donor's contribution are given to their selected patient.

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